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Oryx (Oryx gazella / Angola Oryx)

The Oryx is one of the emblems of Namibia. It is well adapted to dry regions, due to a cooling system in the nostrils. They feed mainly on grass, wild fruits and melons. The picture on the left shows a male Oryx.


Oryxbulls can weigh up to 230 kg and have shorter and thicker horns than the females.

Territorial fights between bulls can be fatal. The Oryx is also known as one of the most dangerous antelope when wounded.

Oryx have very good eyesight.


Black-backed-Jackal (Canis mesomelas)

The Jackal is a successful little predator. On sheep farms it was nearly exterminated, because it prefers the lambs. Jackal live in old antbear holes where it also raises its puppies. Their diet is widespread, from insects, over young livestock, to the leftovers of bigger predators prey.