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About the farm

Farm Garib, 18000 ha of pristine hunting area was founded in 1910 by Hans Luehl from Westphalia and borders the vast Kalahari. Currently, the cattle ranch boasts healthy populations of Kudu, Oryx, Warthog, Springbuck, Red Hartebeest, Duiker, and Steenbuck and a large variety of predators and huntable game birds.

Garib forms part of pooled farms which was established in 2015 and includes 4 farms with an area of 43000 ha. The principal aim of such a combined resource is to facilitate the free movement of game, which ensures sustainable trophy hunting and good trophy quality in the area. Further species can be hunted on neighboring farms on request. The main hunting methods are walk and stalk and spot and stalk to ensure fair chase.


Guests are accommodated in a separate farmhouse situated on the farmyard with three bedrooms. Two single rooms are additionally available. Guests can laze on their private veranda, or relax in the spacious lounge. Only one group is taken at a time to ensure a more personal service to our guests.

Meals are served in the old farmhouse and consist mainly of game-meat dishes and self-produce.

Non-hunters may gladly accompany the hunts and share the excitement with family and friends.

Destination: Guests are received at the Hosea Kutako international airport and arrive on Garib one and a half hours later.

Weather: Sunshine is the order of the day. Occasional thunderstorms are to be expected between February and April. May to August are months of warm dry days and cold nights. Warm to hot conditions will be expected between September and November.

Personal Gear: Sturdy shoes or custom safari boots are necessary, but should not be too heavy. Clothing should be practical with a dark color tone. A fleece jacket or a windbreaker should be included for cooler evenings. Very important is a wide-brimmed hat, sunblock, and of course your hunting gear! In the case of prescription medicine, you should bring along a sufficient supply.

Hunting Season: It starts on the 1st of February and ends on the 30th of November. Due to the Namibian hunting law, a hunter is only allowed to hunt max. two trophy animals of each species. Wounded game, which is not found, even after a long follow-up, will have to be paid for by the hunter. Wing shooting: The seasons are adjusted according to the rainfall each year.

Firearms: Handguns may not be imported to Namibia. Firearm owners should be in possession of a valid firearm license. Recommended calibers range from .30 caliber with a bullet weight of at least 11,7 g / 180 grain. Rifles with a flat trajectory perform better due to longer shooting distances. A four to six times magnification is sufficient for riflescopes. Firearms can also be hired on request.

Trophies: Skinning, field preparation and salting is done on site. Thereafter trophies are taken to taxidermists for mounting or for dip & pack.

Insurance: Being concerned for your safety whilst on the farm, we strongly advise you to attain a travel insurance, which covers trauma, illness, legal procedures, etc.

To cover your personal interests, we would greatly appreciate an early contact. We strive to answer any question on your part to make special arrangements if necessary so that the trip will be an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.

This is the guesthouse with three bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, dining and living room. Meals are mailnly served in the main farmhouse.

Our price list

Dear guests, for a complete price list, please send us an e-mail.

Deposit: To reserve your hunting dates, a deposit of € 500.00 per hunter is requested at the time of booking. Since we only take one group at a time, it is not possible to refund this deposit in case of a cancellation later than two months prior to arrival.

What’s included What’s not included
Transfer from and back to the airport Interernational travel
Full board and lodging Travel insurance
Non-alcoholic beverages Gratuity
Laundry services Additional trips
to other hunting areas
Guiding, trackers, skinners and hunting vehicle Alcoholic beverages
Field preparation and salting of trophies Trophy animals
Transport of the trophies
to taxidermists for mounting or dip and pack
Hunting permits
Value Added Tax

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